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Top Digital Marketing Trends of 2019

Marketing is always changing, and digital marketing is no exception to that. Within the past couple of years, it feels as though the digital marketing landscape has been evolving at a breakneck pace, with the rise of social media as an important pillar in a marketing strategy...

Tell Your Customers "Thanks" With Digital Marketing

It’s the time of the year that reminds us all to look deep inside ourselves and give thanks for what we already have in our lives. But your brand should be giving thanks as well, especially to your customer evangelists and recent customers.

Why You Need A Demand Generation Campaign

When your manager and boss are looking for results from your marketing efforts, there are specific KPI’s, or key performance indicators, they are likely to ask about. But the main question is how many new customers did your marketing bring in?

The Case for End-of-the-Year Video Content

We’ve talked often in the past about how important video content should be to your overall content marketing strategy. After all, the engagement rates for video content speak for themselves...

The Benefits of a Brand Guide

Branding is a hot topic in the world of business and realm of personal development lately. With everyone having their own side hustle and trying to turn their name into a brand, you’d be forgiven for thinking branding has jumped ship from mighty corporations to any...

We Built A New Website!

Happy one-year birthday to us! October is our birthday month and we couldn't be more excited to enter into year two of business and​ launch a new look for our website. After partnering with Brandcast and becoming certified to build amazing websites on the Brandcast...

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